Do any of these sound familiar?
Our team is stressed.
Our team is experiencing conflict or tension.
Our team needs a creative jump start.
Our team is having trouble working together.
Our team is new to working together and needs an icebreaker.
Our team has completed a big effort and deserves a reward.
Our company has gone through a merger or other change.
Our company needs a fun activity for a retreat or annual meeting.

If so, Doom’s Rooms can help!

An escape room is a great way to help your employees work together, think  out of the box, and have some fun! We bring our challenges to you, whether that’s your headquarters or retreat space.

Traditional Escape ROoms

Our traditional escape rooms are suitable for 4 – 12 people. Our staff can run the same room multiple times in a single day to give all of your employees teams a chance to solve the ciphers. We will keep track of the time it takes each team to ‘escape’ if you would like to create a little friendly competition.

Fusion ROoms

If you have a group that is too big for a traditional room or if you want to try something new that we’ve created specifically to foster integration of large groups, talk to us about our Fusion Rooms! Your large group (up to 100 people) will start in groups of 10-15 people to solve identical rooms simultaneously. These initial challenges must each be completed before all of the components for final challenge can be solved… everyone must work together to be successful.


$50 per person for a teambuilding session, plus a short team-building session before and after. *

$15 per person additional cost to customize an existing room to your organization. *

$50 per person additional cost to create a one-of-a-kind escape room just for you. *

* There is an additional $250 Set Up Fee per booking.

Contact Us Now to discuss how Doom’s Rooms can bring a fun team building experience to you!

The game was ingeniously designed to bring out group dynamics and encourage group collaboration.

I saw wonderful teamwork and team building. [Participants] gained new appreciation and even admiration for each other, as each one contributed their individual qualities to the challenge. 

Individuals … learned personal growth lessons about how they face challenges, listen to or ignore other people, and deal with setbacks. 

It was so well planned that all the participants experienced challenge as well as the satisfaction of finally accomplishing the task. 

Karen Jeffers-Tracy
Adult Services Librarian, Greene County Public Library, Ohio