We offer our escape rooms at libraries because they provide a perfect opportunity for patrons to try something for free that they may not be willing to pay $25/person for at a brick and mortar escape room business… this gives them the chance to see if they like the experience.

Our escape rooms offer a new experience for your loyal patrons and bring new patrons in the door to see everything else that libraries have to offer.


Our first opportunity to offer escape rooms was at the main branch of Dayton Public Library. Since then we’ve provided escape room experiences in many libraries in the Greene County Library system, as well as an event at the Ann Arbor District Library that involved running three identical copies of our Escape Velocity room for 8 hours straight. It was chaotic and wonderful.

We do our poster printing, sticker creation, and laser etching at Spark Place at the Xenia Public Library in Greene County, Ohio. Spark Place is an amazing Makerspace and we are so lucky to have them available to us! Libraries are magic.