The term “escape room” may sound intimidating, but fear not! You don’t need to literally escape anything — we don’t lock the room, handcuff you, or anything so serious. Think of it as a live adventure game, where you and your group work together and use your powers of observation to crack codes, find hidden clues, solve puzzles and ultimately unlock all the locks between you and your goal.

Photo by Gem City Visuals

Our Themes

While many escape room themes are centered on dire circumstances — disable the bomb before it detonates, stop a deadly disease from spreading across the globe, end a deadly curse and the like — we prefer to keep things a little lighter.  Our goal is fun for all ages, without the added pressure of fictional annihilation.

Who are They For?

Everyone who likes to solve puzzles! Playing at an escape room adventure takes creative thinking, teamwork, logic, and observation. The most successful teams  share information, work together on puzzles, and get out of the box!

Doom’s Rooms are appropriate for people of all ages unless stated otherwise in the description. Due to their complexity and length, we recommend that there be one adult for every two children under the age of 10.

How Our Rooms Are Different

We had a great time creating these rooms, and we want you to have the chance to solve each and every puzzle! Participants can ask for hints, as is typical for escape rooms, but we also watch for mounting frustration that could detract from enjoyment, and if necessary, we will subtly guide the group to ensure that they succeed AND feel a well-earned sense of accomplishment.

To foster this sense of accomplishment in everyone, our rooms are designed to be challenging by involving numerous and varied puzzles, so that everyone has the opportunity to interact with and solve a puzzle that suits their particular skill set. We end each room with one big puzzle that everyone is involved in solving together, to ensure that everyone is involved in the final victory.

Low Tech

Since our rooms are mobile, they are also low tech. Clients don’t need to provide anything more complicated than a couple of electrical outlets for our rooms to work.

This also means that a Doom’s Room staff person will be in the room with you as your team solves. We are not playing a role or involving ourselves in the action, merely observing and offering assistance if needed.

Room Needs

Room size varies somewhat depending on the room you choose. In general, we need a room that is at least 12′ x 12′ and contains a few tables, bookshelves or similar horizontal surfaces, and a couple of chairs.

We recommend removing pictures from the wall and personal items from the room so that they are not handled or removed while your group searches and solves. This is because in brick-and-mortar escape room, everything in the room is related to the game, and experienced solvers will look at everything in case it holds a clue.

If you book multiple sessions, then it needs to be in a space that is closed off, so that future puzzle solvers don’t get hints in advance.

Doom’s Rooms will bring everything to run the room itself. We will set it up, reset it if multiple sessions are run, and take it down. Our staff will make every effort to leave the room as they found it.

Time Needs

It will take our staff 45 – 60 minutes to set up the room before the first session is run, and 30 – 45 minutes to reset in between sessions. Our staff will work with you in advance to establish a schedule that works for us both.

Where is Doom’s Rooms Located?

All of our rooms are mobile, so we bring them to you. At this time we do not visit private residences.