Escape Rooms

One thing you should know about us – we love creating escape rooms! We will retire current rooms as we create new ones, so be sure to play these while you have the chance.

Escape Artist: The Golden Paintbrush

Pirate Purplebrush is on a quest to become the best artist in the world, by seeking famous artists and filling his paintbrush with their talents, leaving them nothing but bones. Can you find his golden paintbrush and stop his path of destruction before he’s the only artist left?

Number of Participants: 2-6
Run time: 20-30 minutes

Escape Velocity

A spaceship is being sucked into a black hole and it’s your job to save it! Work with your crew to devise the formula for the only fuel that can give the spaceship enough power to reach Escape Velocity and break free of the black hole’s gravity. Be swift because you only have 60 minutes until the ship and its crew become a part of the black hole forever!

Number of Participants: 6-10

Run Time: 45-60 minutes

Space Station Scramble

For the past year, you have served as a Security Officer on the Intergalactic Space Station. You can’t wait to tell your friends back home all about it. Today is the day your shore leave starts — but you can’t find your boarding pass! Can you find it in time to catch the shuttle for home?

Number of Participants: 4-10

Run time: 45-60 minutes

Power Play

You wake up in a room as your secret identity, without your superpowers. You receive a message from someone calling themselves the Doctor of Doom, who has stolen your powers. If you don’t escape in the next hour, they’ll be gone forever!

Participants: 6 – 10

Run Time: 45-60 minutes

There’s SNOW Escape


You’re snowed in, and you’re in a cell service dead zone. After hours of togetherness, tempers are starting to fray and you need some relaxing screen time to diffuse the tension. Can you unlock the WiFi password before your group comes to blows?

Number of Participants: 6-15

Run time: 45-60 minutes

Guardian of the Grail

You have wonderful memories of spending time with your eccentric great-uncle Lance, listening to his endless tales of the adventures of King Arthur and his Knights. A few days after his death, you receive a strange letter from him saying he’s leaving you his greatest treasure — if you can solve the ciphers that hide it.

Number of Participants: 4-10

Run time: 45-60 minutes

Where’s My Wand?

Your friends at Bogheart’s Academy for Magickal Personages hid your wand as a prank. Now you have only 30 minutes to find your wand and make it to your first class on time.

Number of Participants: 2-4

Run time: 20-30 minutes

All the participant feedback was highly positive. People were appreciative and came out buzzing with great feelings, and confidence! 

Karen Jeffers-Tracy
Adult Services Librarian, Greene County Public Library, Ohio