Challenge Chests

Our Challenge Chests are designed to be very portable and not take up much space at your venue. We can just set them on a table for people to explore as they feel comfortable, or we can run a guided event for you. They are very flexible!

As an added bonus, they are designed so that it is very simple to reset them to their initial setup so another group can play them. Typically we find that the group that just completed our Challenge Chest is enthusiastic about resetting it for the next group, so we’ve made it simple and nearly foolproof.

Want to try one? We will have one waiting for you at a business in Beavercreek, Ohio (more info coming soon!)… stop by any time to give it a try, and let us know your escape time!


Our challenge chests are fantastic to leave around your event space… their many locks and unusual appearance draws people in and soon enough they are engaged with trying to break into the box.

If you want to add just a little competition, we can put a leaderboard next to each chest so people can record their times and compare themselves to the other teams.

Race to the Finish

If you’re looking for something a little more competitive, we can bring multiple Challenge Chests and run them as a race… everyone starts at the same time and teams are awarded a point if they are the first to get to the reward inside the box. Teams then rotate to the next Challenge Chest until each group has done them all and a winning team is crowned.

Gotta Catch Em All

Instead of a race, we can provide a collection of different Challenge Chests and a checklist that your event attendees can mark with the sticker they’ll get by finishing each chest. You can decide if you’d like to provide a prize for anyone who completes them all or if bragging rights are enough of a reward!


We’re building a library of themes for you to choose from… currently we could bring you Game Night, Casino Night, Escape the 80’s, Tomb of Doom, or A Patch of Puzzles. Watch for more coming in the fall!