Our Story

In 2014, we (Jen and Holly) escaped our first room. Since then, we’ve escaped (or nearly escaped) dozens more, and our love for them has only grown. In late 2016 we decided to try our hand at creating puzzles and escape rooms of our own and found we loved it just as much! Choosing a theme, brainstorming puzzle ideas, creating them and gathering materials is our kind of fun.

Partners Holly Underwood and Jen Doom Photo by Gem City Visuals

Even more fun than creating escape rooms is watching people enjoy them. An escape room without players is like a beautiful painting locked in a empty room. We love to see the thrill when a puzzle is solved, the excitement of finding out what’s in the box, and the satisfaction of seeing the beautiful painting revealed to the world before the time runs out.

To date, our team has created nearly twenty escape rooms, each with its own feel and puzzles. Each is tested by our enthusiastic (and critical) team of playtesters before it’s opened up to the public. Past room themes include: Harry Potter, Star Wars, summer camp, robotics, horseback riding, academic research, and winter. Take a look at our current rooms to see which your group would enjoy the most.

Why the name Doom’s Rooms? Our Master Game Designer’s last name is Doom and she loves creating escape rooms. What else could we possibly be named? Fun fact, she also has a PhD (in Computer Science), so you can legitimately call her “Dr. Doom”. Don’t worry as she locks you into one of her rooms, though, she is nothing like the evil Marvel supervillain of the same name…most of the time.